Southwestern Tent Caterpillar Moth
Malacosoma incurvum

tent caterpillar moth
This hairy male creature with strange antennae was hanging out at Strawberry Reservoir
in Wasatch County, Utah.  I don't know if the Southwestern Tent Caterpillar Moth actually
lives up that high in Utah but it has been identified as that moth.  I wish I had more photos but
unfortunately I did not have a ladder and my jimmer-jets* collapsed after a few horrible
attempts to take pictures on my tippy-toes.  Tent Caterpillar Moth larvae are
nightmare insects that defoliate trees.  © Carol Davis, 8-4-2010

*Jimmer jets were what my generation in my area called tennis shoes when I was young (back
when we had no Nintendo and people actually left the house to play tennis in their jimmer-jets).
Not that I don't like Wii tennis--but it's no substitute for smackin' that ball on a beautiful
morning with a deep blue sky seeking your attention and a light breeze tugging at your hair.

What has this got to do with moths, you ask?  Not a thing, but I sure feel better now that
I've talked about my greatest love - TENNIS! 

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