Five-spotted Hawk Moth Caterpillar   (two photos)
Manduca quinquemaculata
"Tomato Hornworm"

tomato hornworm
Do you know how to spot a Tomato Hornworm in your garden?  Just look for the doo-doo, which you can see on a leaf
at the bottom of this photo.  When these caterpillars get out of control, they can really take a toll on your tomatoes, both
plant and fruit.  They have such an innocent "who me?" face but don't be deceived by their sweetness.  This was a big
fat one, about 2 inches long.  Carol Davis 9-14-2007

I just noticed this year (2015) that I don't get tomato worms anymore. I had to stop and think what could have caused this
to occur and I came to the conclusion that it must be because of the many European Paper Wasps that live at
 my house.
They are relentless caterpillar and insects hunters and I watch them every day combing the plants in my
yard looking for
food for their young.  After I go on a trip they canvass the front of my car for "grilled"
insects that I acquired while driving.  I used to see lots of caterpillars on Antelope Island but now I
 hardly find any. I wonder how many butterfly larva never make it to the adult stage because of
them. I just don't like those wasps - there are too many of them.
  Carol Davis, 9-14-2007

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