White-lined Sphinx Moth (five photos)
Hyles lineata

hummingbird moth
Hummingbird moth visiting the thistle in Mercur Canyon,
Tooele County, Utah.  Carol Davis 6-9-2019

Hyles lineata
Hyles lineata
about to be bumped by a Yuma Skipper (
Ochlodes yuma)
while feeding at a Rocky Mountain Bee
Plant on Antelope Island,
Davis County, UT.  Carol Davis 8-10-2017

Resting near the porch light in Taylorsville, Utah Carol Davis 4-28-2008

White-lined sphinx moth
Large, gorgeous White-lined Sphinx Moth in Taylorsville, UT. Carol Davis, 4-28-2008

hummingbird moth
The White-lined Sphinx Moth is often referred to as a hummingbird moth because
  it resembles one in size and behavior.   Bear River Bird Refuge this day was
thick with these beautiful moths. See the caterpillar here. Carol Davis, 7-20-06

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