Phidippus johnsoni  (3 variations)
(Jumping Spider)

Family Salticidae

phidippus johnsoni
Phidippus Johnsoni at Promontory Point not stopping to pose for photographs. These spiders come in many
spectacular color variations.  What's not to like about a spider this beautiful!?  © Carol Davis, 9-21-2008

jumping spider
This beautiful little male Phidippus Johnsoni was running around in the dirt and rocks on the edge of Strawberry
Reservoir in Utah.  Another color variation of the species is shown below. © Carol Davis, 6-15-208

Phidippus johnsonni

Phidippus johnsoni
This little spider was waiting patiently in the long grasses at Salt Creek WMA
in Box Elder County, Utah. The area was thick with damselflies. Personally I
hope it held out for a larger dinner--like a deerfly. © Carol Davis, 6-4-06

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