Orb Weaver  (three photos)
Aculepeira packardi

aculepeira packardi spider
What a surprise to find this little guy in Mercur Canyon - my sister-in-law, Nicky Davis,
spotted him and
once I got a good look at him, I knew he was an Aculepeira species. 
This shot was taken with my little HP R607 camera.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2017

male Aculepeira orb weaver
I took these last two shots with my Panasonic from a distance and from up higher.  You can't see
the prey it's holding in this shot like you can from the one above.  It's nice when they're eating
so they don't get scared and retreat.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2017

Aculepeira packardi
I've now seen these in three counties - Salt Lake, Tooele, and Box Elder.  I don't see
them in any great numbers, and usually in the spring.  They are gorgeous
and harmless.  © Carol Davis 10-18-2017.

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