Spiders Who Eat Ants   (poem and three photos)

Ants in Your Pants

Is that an ant
Upon your table
Munching everything
It's able?
If you had a
wooden shoe
You'd smash it flat,
Oh, wouldn't you?

Is that an ant
 upon your aster
Multiplying fast,
then faster?
You'd use your DDT
if legal,
But truly you must
spare the eagle.

Is that an ant
Upon your calf
Etching out
its epitaph?
If you had
a spider handy
Your ants would be

                 --C. Davis

black widow and ant
The Black Widow (immature male or female) and a Red Ant at Promontory Point, Utah. 
  © Carol Davis, 9-12-2010

ant and jumping spider
Unknown species of jumping spider eating an ant at Jordanelle wetlands.   © Carol Davis, 9-12-2010

funnel weaver and ants
Funnel-weaver spider gathering ants in Taylorsville, Utah. 
  © Carol Davis, 9-12-2010

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