Baby Wolf Spiders at Bear River MBR & Antelope Island
Waiting for Ballooning Moments  
(four photos)
Genus Pirata

baby pirata
These wolf spiders were very tiny and vying for the perfect spot and breeze for
ballooning at Bear River MBR, Box Elder County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 4-3-2016

baby wolf spider
Sometimes the smaller ones have to drop over the side to protect themselves from the
bigger spiders. While waiting for their perfect moment, they are also

consuming midges. © Carol Davis 4-3-2016

wolf spider
Bette Davis eyes! Well, maybe not but they are pretty cool. © Carol Davis 3-3-2016

wolf spider
Another view of the same wolf spider.  I love those beefy legs - I think it's going to be a
big one when it grows up. Carol Davis 3-3-2016

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