Banded Argiope - Part I   (two photos)
"Banded Garden Spider"  - two photos
Argiope trifasciata
1 inch - body length

banded argiope orb weaver
This is the first female Banded Argiope that I've found this year and she was in a different
area than I usually find them on Antelope Island. I discovered her while scanning the
bushes for
the Island's famous Spotted Orb Weavers.  Carol Davis 9-13-2015

banded garden spider
Late in the season these orb weavers can get mighty skinny from lack of prey, but this gal was robust. Unlike
the Spotted Orb Weavers, the Banded Argiopes are not skittish and you can usually take photos to your
heart's content. I think you could walk into the web and they might continue their vigilance  while
hanging on your pant leg.  Carol Davis 9-13-2015

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