Three Separate Male Banded Argiopes  (fix photos)
"Banded Garden Orb Weaver"
Argiope trifasciata

male argiope
Solitary male Argiope trifasciata  in the web on Antelope Island.  Carol Davis 7-5-2016

male argiope
Is this the perfect ballet pose, or what? This small beautiful male Argiope trifasciata was just sitting atop
a wild grass stem on Antelope Island and, luckily, I spotted it. There are so many weeds that just natur
ally have
globs at the top that it's difficult to know what you're really looking at. What fun! Carol Davis 7-30-2015

male banded argiope
I found this solitary male Banded Agriope in an area with sparse vegetation on Antelope Island.  It was not a place
 I would
look for this species but there were a few sunflowers in the area.  Carol Davis 8-24-2014

orb weaver
It was practicing maneuvers on the end of a sunflower leaf (possibly having ballooned there) and would switch periodically
between the top and bottom of the
leaf, depending on how close I got and for how long.  Carol Davis 8-24-2014

male argiope
I don't think I've ever seen a male Argiope all by itself until this day and then I found another
one that was actually in a small web hanging all by itself (shown below).  Most males are in company
of a female, just lounging around in the web waiting for courtship proceedings.  This one was small
and very cute and it was nice to see one up close.  It certainly has long legs.
Carol Davis, 9-3-2009

male banded argiope in a small web
This male was closer to the water and in a different area - just by itself in a small web. As you can see, it does not
have the silver carapace like the previous one. It may be about to molt or may have just molted and it's
evident it could use a couple more legs. Carol Davis 8-24-2014

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