Banded Argiope  (three photos)
Argiope trifasciata

Females and Males

female Argiope trifasciata
I was sitting in my car on Antelope Island when I
saw something long and silver shining in the
middle of some bushes.  It looked metallic, so I
 had to
go see what it was.  It was this female
 glowing in
hot noon sun.  Notice she's missing
 a couple of legs. 
© Carol Davis 7-26-2020

agriope males and female
As I walked toward the bush I accidentally flushed out a grasshopper
made a beeline toward the female's web and the spider moved so
quickly, I thought she was frightened by me. Instead, she caught
the grasshopper mid-flight and lightly wrapped it and was back
in the center
of her web within a few seconds. I'd never seen one
move that fast.  Immediately the males started to move in
but they didn't get really close until she went back for
 her prey.  © Carol Davis 7-26-2020

argiope triangle
The top male definitely had the advantage and pushed
the other male away any time it came close. When I
left, the dominant male had actually moved in on the
 food for a little snack.  He hadn't approached her for
mating prior to my departure. ©Carol Davis 7-26-2020

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