Banded Argiope vs Preying Mantis  (three photos)
Banded Argiope vs Mantid

preying mantis caught by spider
They grow the Praying Mantis large in the wild reaches of northern Utah and this one was no exception.  You
can see by the torn-off leg of the Banded Garden Orb Weaver, whose body length alone is one inch,
that the mantis gave a good fight but ultimately lost.  © Carol Davis 9-28-2011

cradled praying mantis
Rocking mantids to sleep is just one of the benefits offered by the Argiopes. The year 2011 was a big year
for spiders, grasshoppers and mantids in Box Elder County, Utah. © Carol Davis 9-28-2011

praying mantis burrito
This female Argiope appears to be munching on this mantis "burrito style." For as good as these spiders are at
catching and subduing prey, they are very docile and pose no threat to humans. © Carol Davis 9-28-2011

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