Barn Funnel Weaver - Female  (six photos)
Tegenaria domestica

aka "Common House Spider"
"Lesser European House Spider"

barn funnel weaver
I found this (gravid, I think) female in some leaf
in Taylorsville, Utah, while I was getting
flowers ready
to place in some deck planters. She
 was a good-sized girl.  Carol Davis 5-4-2020

gravid female Tegenaria domestica
Because this species resembles the Hobo Spider, I quickly
checked out her legs to see if they were banded and
 hairy. They were, so I was pretty sure she was a
 Tegenaria domestica.  Carol Davis 5-4-2020

Tegenaria domestica
This hirsute individual was in the tub this morning
so I took her out, photographed her (or possibly an
immature male),
and put her outside by my
Carol Davis 9-28-2017

eyes of Tegenaria
This shows the eye formation and the bristly palps,
They also have a big set of fangs but are not considered
 aggressive. The female below, from a few years ago, was
 much lighter in color than this one. She might have been ready
to lay some eggs because she was chunky. Carol Davis 9-28-2017

common house spider
When my friend pointed out this spider in my
sink, I thought at first glance, because of the
 light coloring, it was a Long-legged Sac
Spider.  Carol Davis 3-1-2010

The Lesser European House Spider (it's name in the
UK) secreted its way into the US from Europe.
 According to, this spider is also
 known as the "Drain Spider"; however, just because
 a spider is in your sink or drain doesn't mean it's
 this spider (well, duh!).  All spiders in this family
are FAST. Last night one of these or a Hobo Spider
 was running across my kitchen floor so fast I had
 to jump to avoid its running right up my leg.  My
 cats then tried to catch it, to no avail.  You can
see a photo of a male here.  Carol Davis, 3-1-2010

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