Barn Funnel Weaver - Female
Tegenaria domestica

aka "Common House Spider"
"Lesser European House Spider"

common house spider
When my friend pointed out this spider in my sink, I thought at first glance, because of the light coloring,
it was a Long-legged Sac Spider.  It wasn't. 

tegenaria domestica
I then knew it was in the family Tegenaria and I was excited because it was so light and the pattern
on the abdomen showed up so well.  I knew it was something good.  When you hear Tegenaria, most people
think of the famous Hobo Spider but this relative does not carry the wicked reputation of the Hobo.

The Lesser European House Spider (it's name in the UK) secreted its way into the US from Europe.  According to, this spider is also known as the "Drain Spider"; however, just because a spider is in your sink or
drain doesn't mean it's this spider (well, duh!).  All spiders in this family are FAST. Last night one of the tegeneria
was running across my kitchen floor so fast I had to jump to avoid its running right up my leg.  My cats then
 tried to catch it, to no avail.  You can see a photo of a male here.  © Carol Davis, 3-1-2010

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