Barn Funnel Weaver - Male
Tegenaria domestica
aka "Common House Spider"
"Lesser European House Spider"

Tegeneria are noted for their speed, especially as you are trying to step on them as they scurry
across your living room carpet.  Years ago I remember trying to step on one of the largest
spiders I had ever seen.  I was not fast enough and it disappeared down my heating vent. I was
mortified to think that beast was still roaming my house (and it was probably thinking the
same thing about me!
) © Carol Davis 12-8-2010

hairy spider
While I find these spiders everywhere in my house, this one seemed particularly hairy. Maybe
 it was just wearing its winter fur. 
© Carol Davis 12-8-2010

face of a common house spider
This male Tegeneria domestica is minus one leg. This one I photographed in March 2010 is a
 light-colored female (having just molted).  © Carol Davis 12-8-2010

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