Crab Spider  (three photos)
Thomisidae Bassaniana utahensis

1/2 inch

crab spider
I squirted off my deck and, of course, disturbed the hose wherein was hiding this beautiful, large crab spider. From a
distance I thought it was a Phidippus Audax (jumping spider) because of the size and gait.  The Audax is notorious
for hiding in the loops of hoses.  What a treat to find this beautiful female (although with those bulging biceps
she does bear an uncany resemblance to Arnold "I'll be back" Schwarzenegger...
) © Carol Davis 4-26-2008

Notice the word "soft" on the side of this hose which kind of represents the personality of this great spider,
although she did wave her arms at me when I got too close one time.  This genus has a whitish rim around its
head (carapace) and it's all shiny because it got sprayed with water.  Love these spiders! © Carol Davis, 4-26-2008

close up of spider
Had to rescue this little hose dweller after she wandered too close to a funnel web spider.  I don't
know who would win between those two (size pretty equal), but I didn't want to lose the crab spider.

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