Battle Scars
"Spotted Orb Weaver" and Grasshopper
 - Neoscona species

spider with missing legs
These large Neoscona spiders on Antelope Island lose limbs for many reasons: fighting off wasps, capturing
a tough foe like a praying mantis, struggling over prime territory with other spiders, or escaping (just barely)
with their lives when their mate turns on them during courtship. This one lost three legs.  I'm surprised so many
large spiders are still around on the island in lots of places this late in the season. I saw many in big solitary webs
 while others were still sharing spaces with other spiders.  The grasshopper below, who looks like it was bound
to a stick by a spider and forced to say "uncle", did not come out a winner in its battle. © Carol Davis 8-14-2015

grasshopper tied to a stick by a spider
I've never seen a grasshopper tied up quite like this one.  The spider who did this wasn't anywhere to
be seen when I took the photo.  © Carol Davis 8-14-2015

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