Black Gnaphosid-like Spider  (three photos)
Family Gnaposidae

black spider with dimples
The head on this spider is a little different than most Gnaphosids - more pointed.  The spinnerets are typical for the family. What
really is strange about this spider is the rounded tips on the front legs.  All the others legs are taper to a point with what appears
to be two claws.  It also has some dimples on the abdomen and a brownish hue, where the carapace appears mostly black.  I have seen
 these spiders before at Antelope Island and Bear River MBR  but this is the best photo I've ever taken.  © Carol Davis, 3-15-2009

black gnaphosid
I think this is the same kind of spider I found at Bear River MBR.  She was the queen of the railing and chased off
any other little spiders attempting to bump her from the throne (see crappy photo below).   I love the spider
ballooning days at Bear River because of the variety of spiders I get to see.   © Carol Davis, 5-13-2007

These were very tiny spiders on the move (one reason for the awful photo).

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