Female Black Widow
Latrodectus hesperus

female black
I don't usually find black widows just hanging around on toilet paper racks inside outhouses but that's
where this one decided to spend the late afternoon.  No one was really in danger because she chose to hang
on the far end of one of those long multi-roll toilet paper rods that are used so often now.  The rack was
empty at the time.  Widows usually hole up someplace  not quite as obvious.   I think this one was in the open
because  it was getting late in the afternoon and the insects were starting to gather - she already had a bunch
of  tiny flies in her web. (When  I typed the  first sentence of this paragraph I had accidentally
 typed "fanging" instead of "hanging". I think either word would work).
Carol Davis, 10-2-2011

hanging black
Black Widows are certainly ominous looking spiders and you can't really mistake them for any other species
except for their cousin cobweb spiders, the Steatodaa.  Steatodas don't have the red hourglass. Both species
can and do bite if harassed but the widow bite can put you in the hospital.  
Carol Davis, 10-2-2011

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