Western  Black Widow - Male  (four photos)
Latrodectus hesperus

Latrodectus hesperus
This might be a world-record reach but it is also a classic pose for these spiders. Male
Latrodectus hesperus
are some of the most beautifully-patterned spiders in Utah. He had
a girlfriend in another corner (last photo on page).  © Carol Davis 9-8-2012

male black widow
If you just happen to be occupying a smelly outdoor facility with either one of these infamous spiders, the only
 individual in danger is a spider.  These two couldn't care less what you are doing unless you are
 insects their direction. They are fast, superb hunters
and keep to themselves.
© Carol Davis 9-8-2012

female black widow
The girlfriend with a meal that, fortunately, is not her boyfriend. 
© Carol Davis 9-8-2012

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