Bold Jumping Spider - Phidippus audax - hunting in alyssum and on a recycling can in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah
Fall Bold Jumping Spiders 2021  (four photos)
Phidippus Audax

Phidippus audax among the allysum
I was looking for Syrphid flies that had flourished after our
first frost, when I spotted this
little beauty just resting on a
 leaf that had floated in among the alyssum blossoms

Carol Davis 10-25-2021, Taylorsville, UT.

daring jumping spider
I stood about 5 feet away and took these shots and
not once did the jumper look in my direction. Flies
its only interest and it had a nice flat leaf to
launch itself from
.  Check out those green
chompers.  Carol Davis 10-25-2021

beautiful phidippus
This obviously newly-molted immature Phidippus
audax was on my yard waste recycling can. I think
he was enjoying the fact that the can matched his
big green fangs. Carol Davis 10-7-2021

green fangs
There are two things that stand out when
you confront a PA:  the big eyes and the
green fangs. When you see orange spots
on the abdomen instead of white, it simply
 means that the Phid hasn't quite matured.
I think this one is male and he's so shiny black
he'll probably win first place in the PA Handsome
Hunk Contest for 2021.  Carol Davis 10-7-2021

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