Camouflaged Jumper  in the Sands of Antelope Island  
(three photos)

Where do you hide when a giant is after you?  Check out the close up in the next photo. © Carol Davis 3-13-2013

jumping spider hiding in the sand
Find a spot out of the light sand where you can pretend to be invisible. These are grains of sand
around the spider so you can imagine how tiny this little guy is.  © Carol Davis 3-13-2013

camouflaged spider
No one seems to know the species of this jumper but I see them everywhere on Antelope Island. 
I know they don't get to be very big and they are voracious hunters.  Also, they can jump
across this deep sand by the beaches with ease and if you try to walk on it, you sink -
it's like dry quicksand and tires out your legs fast.  © Carol Davis 3-13-2013

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