Candy Stripe Spider - female  (four photos)
Cobweb Spider
Species - Enoplognatha ovata

Enoplognatha ovata and earwig
I saw this little yellowish dot on my zucchini plant leaf
and thought, at first, it was some kind of insect egg. Then
I noticed the very dead earwig. I rushed in the house to get
my camera and, to my great pleasure, the photo showed this
 little gal, who will mature to look like the females below. She
was using silk to fasten the earwig to the leaf. We have so
earwigs this year, this lovely spider deserves
my eternal gratitude.  
Carol Davis 7-17-2021

Candy Stripe Spider
White Female Candy Stripe spider, with yellow
 and red markings, on kale in Sandy,
  Candice Pulli 7-21-2020

Enoplognatha ovata
I have been following the growth of this Cobweb Spider
 since it was tiny and wondering if it would get any bigger.
I hadn't checked on it  for a week or two and today I was
 shocked to see this tiny spider transformed into a beautiful
mature female
Enoplognatha ovata Carol Davis  7-29-2009

Enoplognatha ovata - candy stripe spider
Earlier this month, the large weed it has been living on
grew out of control so on our neighborhood clean-up day,
I tore about 2/3 of the weed out and left only 5 large leaves. 
Well, somehow this spider survived and has been living on
different leaves at different times.  I'm afraid it might
outgrow its home and move on because the leaves are getting
haggard from snails and the hot weather. This is the first
 time I have seen one of these mature Candy Stripe
Carol Davis 7-19-2009

This shot shows how the two pink lines come up over the
back and connect at the front.
Carol Davis, 7-19-2009

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