Candy Stripe Spider (three photos)
female Enoplognatha ovata

immature Enoplognatha ovata
This immature female Candy Stripe Spider was tucked away inside a leaf in Wasatch County,
Utah.  Below is a photo of the full length of the spider.  Carol Davis 8-5-

small cobweb spider
Cobweb Spiders have very long front legs.  I found another one, shown below,
in Weber County and it has a lot more spots on it.  Carol Davis 8-5-2011

I think this female was getting ready to molt inside a rolled leaf.  The mature female
has pink stripes, which you can see as darker stripes on the abdomen in this photo.
Most of the the spots go away as the pink appears.  I found it at Pineview
Reservoir. S
ee a mature female here  Carol Davis, 7-28-2010

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