Cat-faced Spider  (six photos)
Araneus gemmoides
3/4 inch

lilttle catfaced spider
This cute little thing made a web on the top
of the roof of our front porch where it was
hoping to catch enough bugs by the light to
keep it alive.  So far, it's been successful.
Carol Davis 7-10-2021, Taylorsville, UT.

back side of a cat spider
I wish this big old girl was facing my way but she
wasn't.  She was in my blue spruce that's next
to the
other blue spruce that's enveloped by a
 creeper vine. Great spot for insects of all
Carol Davis 8-26-2020 Taylorsville UT

Araneus gemmoides
One of two Cat-faced Spiders hanging around my trumpet
vine in Taylorsville, Utah.  The lighting conditions weren't
the best. Since she was in the shade, I used the flash
on my camera.  Carol Davis 9-26-2019

cat spider
Large Cat-faced or Cat Spider in Taylorsville, Utah.  I found
the web remnants in the day and came out at night to find
this beauty making her web.  Carol Davis, 9-13-09

catfaced or cat spider
Front shot of the eyes and large fangs.
  Carol Davis 9-13-2009

side view of the catfaced spider
This was taken at night with a flash and it really
enhanced the color.  Carol Davis, 9-13-2009

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