Cat-faced Spider  (five photos)
Araneus gemmoides
3/4 inch

Araneus gemmoides
One of two Cat-faced Spiders hanging around my trumpet
vine in Taylorsville, Utah.  The lighting conditions weren't
the best. Since she was in the shade, I used the flash
on my camera.  Carol Davis 9-26-2019

night shot of Araneas
I used a flashlight and a point-and-shoot camera to
 take this shot at night. The colors are completely
different. Carol Davis 9-26-2019

cat spider
Large Cat-faced or Cat Spider in Taylorsville, Utah.  I found
the web remnants in the day and came out at night to find
this beauty making her web.  Carol Davis, 9-13-09

catfaced or cat spider
Front shot of the eyes and large fangs.  Carol Davis 9-13-2009

side view of the catfaced spider
This was taken at night with a flash and it really enhanced the color.  Carol Davis, 9-13-2009

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