Cat-faced or Cat Spider (three photos)
Araneus gemmoides
1/2 inch

cat spider
This beautiful cat spider was in the bushes in Willow Canyon,
Tooele County, Utah.  Carol Davis 9-6-2017

cat spider in Willow Canyon, Utah
We found a web that belonged to this gal, but she was nowhere to be seen. My sister-in-law spied a leaf
 "hangout" and
decided to peek inside. As soon as she touched it, the large spider dropped down into the
middle of web so fast we were too stunned to scream.  I think Nicky has the magic touch or something. 
 stayed right there and let us take pictures. Nothing much spooks a Cat Spider. Carol Davis 9/6/2017

cat spider
The large Cat-faced Spider I had at my house mostly came out at night but I found this good-sized
one in the daylight hours at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The only reason I saw her
was because she moved so quickly to catch this insect that I couldn't help but notice. She was more
reddish, rather than a golden color like the ones in Willow Canyon. Carol Davis, 8-6-2010

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