Cat-faced Spider or Cat Spider    (two photos)
Araneus gemmoides

Araneus gemmoides by Matt Maughan
Matt Maughan, of Orem, Utah, allowed me to use this picture of a male Araneus gemmoides he and his wife found
lounging on the wall inside their home. Why am I never that lucky?  © Matt & Emily Maughan 10-28-2014

cat-faced spider
These spiders are in the same genus as the Cross Orb Weaver (Araneus diadematus). I have
never even seen a male Cat-faced Spider,
much less found one inside the house. They are generally
an outdoor
spider in Utah, though you might find one inside your greenhouse and in the summer
by the window in your old garage or barn,  I suppose.  I found one laced in the lower branches of my
 apple tree this year.  The Maughan's male visitor probably came in to get out of the cold for awhile
and, thankfully, instead of killing him, Matt & Emily released him back outside
. I appreciate
them letting me use these
photos. © Matt & Emily Maughan 10-28-2014

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