Male Cat-faced Spider  (three photos)
aka Cat Spider
Araneus gemmoides

Araneus gemmoides
I found this small male Cat-faced Spider hanging in a little web cradle from the ceiling of my bathroom
in Taylorsville, Utah (I wish I had taken a picture before I took him down from there). At first when I
was trying to look at him through a magnifier
, I thought he looked like a Cross Spider. I captured him
by dropping him into a small glass and then put him aside until I could photograph him a little later.
As you can see, he was a beautiful color.  Another photo is below. © Carol Davis 8-27-2015

male cat-faced spider
When I finally had time to deal with him, he had started inching his way up the glass by forming a web ladder. I jiggled
him back down and placed him in a bigger glass bowl so I could take a few pictures. I was
stumped at how he got
 into the house since Cat-faced Spiders are outdoor spiders. I then came to the
conclusion that he might have been
stretched across the porch steps (liked one of my Cross Spiders)
and I ended up wearing him until I came inside
 and he dropped off somewhere in the house.
After I shot a few pictures, I took him outside on my deck and placed
 him in the lilac bush. Last night when I went outside to observe the gorgeous
full moon, I checked the area above the
 deck stairs with a flashlight and, alas, no male
Araneus gemmoides, but, there were three Long-legged Sac Spiders
suspended from webs practicing their flying circus act between my two lilacs.  © Carol Davis 8-27-2015

cat-faced spider humps
If you put on your imagination spectacles, you can see the "cat face" on this little male by focusing on the white
 line on its abdomen. On either side are two pale dots, which are the cat's eyes. The cat's ears (which are the
spider's pointed humps) are pretty obvious.  Check out photos of a female here
© Carol Davis 8-27-2015

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