Celestial Spinner
by Carol Davis
spider on a limb

I am fascinated with the spider
I watch him bungee jump off his perch
    and swing in the breeze
Then he slowly works his way back up
He waits for his prey
And j
again until he gets it right

    A hunter, helping to clean up the earth
    Just like his ancestors have always done
       (his genealogy prerecorded in heaven, I suppose)
He made a pact with God
       just like you and me
That he would fulfill his purpose in life
    and he does this despite our attempts
        to annihilate him
We pass judgment on him and often squash him flat
Wouldn't it be ironic if he inherited the celestial kingdom
    and we only looked on wondering
            how such a scary spirit
                   could be basking in the Son light?      
                                              --Carol Davis


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