Cellar Spider, Page 1 (four photos)

male cellar spider
Look at the size of the pedipalps (bulbous structures in front) on this male cellar spider that I found in my brother's
basement.  The eye arrangement is unique to these spiders and the markings on the carapace seem to accent
the eyes.  Isn't that a cute face?  Carol Davis, 4-23-2007

cellar spider
The above spider is a male.  Cellar Spiders occasionally vibrate while hanging
in their webs (no one yet knows why) and are often confused with Daddy Long-legs
(Harvestmen) who do not make webs but hunt down their prey.  My brother's
basement in St. George is full of these spiders and I am still unable to convince
 him of their value in killing unwanted insects.  He says spiders are the unwanted
"insects" and he kills all he can find before company arrives.  The cellar spider, while
harmless to people, is believed to prey upon the dreaded Brown Recluse spider. 

Female (two photos)

Cellar Spider in Utah
Notice the difference in the pedipalps on this female compared to the male.

Cellar Spider
Cellar Spider found floating in a glass in my kitchen sink.  I don't ever recall having seen one
in my house in northern Utah before so it's too bad it didn't survive.  As you can
see, the legs are VERY long.  It might have been after a drink of water
and didn't survive the swim.  Carol Davis, 3-12-06

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