Cellar Spider   (four photos)
Physocyclus enaulus

Pholcidae in Taylorsville,
I've been keeping an eye out for these spiders in my little corner of the
world in Taylorsville, Utah, and now there are more of them in the area.
They must
like the cooler nights of October & (obviously - November).
found these two tonight (other one below).  © Carol Davis 11-1-2017

cellar spider
These are so small, I think they must be a fall hatching. They seem
to be smaller than the first one I found (below). © Carol Davis 11-1-2017

Pholcidae in Utah
I don't know how I even spotted this tiny spider out in my carport in Taylorsville, Utah, at night,
but I might
have just noticed the web.  I got out my trusty little HP camera and a flashlight
and got these shots.  They aren't THAT bad for night shots.  © Carol Davis 10-17-2017

cellar spider
Once I took a couple of shots, the spider retreated and eventually disappeared between
the wall and my outside cupboard. It always confuses me when I find a Cellar Spider
outside, especially in Northern Utah.  It's not exactly warm at night in October. Cellar
Spiders are often confused with Daddy Long-legs because of their "long legs", but
the cellar spider has much longer legs and a short, plump little body (at least this
species does).  They usually hang indoors from the ceiling in one's basement, not
outside in the carport. I love these spiders because, if disturbed, they often
vibrate in their webs. It's fun to watch.  In 2018 I found a male
hanging upside-down in my bathroom. I gave him to my
sister-in-law for photographing. © Carol Davis 10-17-2017

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