Male Cellar Spider  (four photos)
Physocyclus enaulus

male cellar spider
Male indoors in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah. I took him
to my sister-in-law and, after she photographed him, we let him go
just outside her home.  © Carol Davis 9-13-2018

cellar spider in St.
              George, Utah

Male in St. George, Utah. Cellar Spiders occasionally vibrate in their
webs, especially if they're disturbed. It's kind of fascinating to watch.
Great spiders! © Carol Davis 4-23-2007

cellar spider
Another view of a cellar spider from St. George, Utah. My brother
had these in his basement. Cellar Spiders just hang in their web (at
night, usually) and wait for food to arrive.  I've read in a few places
 that these spiders may prey on the Brown Recluse (truth
or fiction?) We don't have the Brown Recluse in Utah,
 only the Desert Recluse. © Carol Davis 4-23-2007

long-legged cellar spider
Check out the legs on this male in St. George, Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-27-2008

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