Cobweb Hoarders  (two photos)

Do you still have the monogrammed hanky from your first prom?  Your skate key?  A piece of your wedding cake?
Did your spouse finally throw out your 70's tie-died babushka or your felt poodle skirt when you were 40? Well, you
closet hoarder, learn from the Cobweb Spider who hangs onto every gift, leftover and piece of litter that blows its way. 
This particular cobweb spider is the Steatoda triangulosa but they're all the same.  Aren't you ashamed that your
basement and a spider's house have so much in common?  Clean up your act before you sprout six more legs.

what a mess
I watched this little lady wrap up a beetle, which took over an hour and, as you can see in this photo, she is hanging
it from the rest of the collection.  There's a pile of National Geographics in there somewhere.

This one is worse. Doesn't it remind you of the New York garbage strike? See the little tiny spider hanging near the
top of the heap?  She could fall in there and not be seen for a week.  Are you squirming now? All right! Throw out those
homemade apricot preserves from 1975.  Set an example for all the little cobweb spiders of the world. © Carol Davis, 2008

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