Male Cobweb Spider  (three photos)
Genus Theridion

theridion species
I went to fill my kitchen sink today and noticed something tiny
skitter across the bottom.  Hoping that he was a Spitting
Spider, I
 put him into a bowl and took some photos. I was
pleased to find
this male Theridion cobweb weaver. While  he
was in the sink
 he had made a little silk shelf
in the corner. These mini-spiders
are hyper and can whip you up a web in a flash. 
© Carol Davis 6-
17-2020, Taylorsville, Utah

cobweb spider
I found this male Cobweb Spider just hanging around on
the outside of my house
in Taylorsville, Utah.  Trying
to take their pictures most of the time is almost
impossible - they're fast!  © Carol Davis 5-31-2016

male Theridion spider
I don't see the male of this species very often. The females are always
hanging out in corners both inside and outside the house. Since
 they don't travel much, I let them be.  I don't suppose I'll ever
get this narrowed down to species.  © Carol Davis 5-31-2016

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