Cobweb Spider  (six photos)
Steatoda borealis

I spotted this tiny immature Cobweb Spider spinning around in circles
 as she wrapped
a little weevil right below the siding on my house in the
rt in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 5-14-2019

cobweb spider
Never one to pass up a spider shot, I grabbed my
camera and started shooting. © Carol Davis 5-14-2019

cute little
I tried very hard to get a belly shot of this little spider,
and I succeeded!  I knew this was a Cobweb Spider I hadn't
seen before because of the markings. © Carol Davis 5014-2019

eyes of the spider
I kind of felt a little sorry for this weevil because he
 was fighting for his life the whole time, but the spider
was spinning like the dickens.  The eyes are glowing
from the camera flash.  © Carol Davis 5-14-2019

a little god
Worth her weight in gold - gold spinnerets, that
is - she worked on this prize meal for a half hour
or more.  Steatoda species are the only spiders
I can always count on for taking out troublesome
weevils.  © Carol Davis 5-14-2019

Steatoda borealis
            cobweb spider
I have quite the collection of spiders in my small carport,
 including Black Widows, various Steatoda species, Phidippus
 audax, Platycryptus californicus, Daddy Longlegs, Crab Spiders
and Cellar Spiders (to name a few). By the way, I have no
idea of the species of the weevil. © Carol Davis 5-14-2019

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