Small Cobweb Spider vs. a Moth
Spider possible Theridion melanurum
Moth species - unknown

cobweb spider capturing a moth
When I walked out my back door I saw a moth spinning in a web next to our plastic storage shed and wondered what spider
had captured
it. It was then I spotted a tiny female cobweb spider that was attempting to get control of her prey. She kept running in and
hitting the moth with venom,
like I've seen black widows do, and then running back out. All the while the moth was spinning and
flapping its wings trying to get
away. I got a few pictures, but then I think the spider used me as leverage - shooting some silk to help
stabilize the moth
- and when I pulled away, the spider fell to the ground.  The moth kept fighting while the tiny spider started climbing
 the shed to get back to her
prey.  I left in my car  and when I came back a couple of hours later the moth was on the ground below its
tive point. I imagine the cobweb spider made it back up and after finishing with the moth, and cut it loose. I'll never know for sure. 
Below is another pictu
re of the spider as it was climbing the bricks our shed is placed on. © Carol Davis 6-13-2014

Theridion melanurum possibly
I found another one of these today, only it was a male, hiding in our house
downstairs.  They are very tiny but great hunters.  The crummy picture
I took of it is shown below.  © Carol Davis 6-13-2014

male cobweb spider
The male has a thinner abdomen, as you can see.

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