Cobweb Spider II - mating pair  (four photos)
Neottiura bimaculata

female cobweb spider
Female Neottiura bimaculata cobweb spider on the underside of a climbing rose leaf.  I finally got
this shot of her in the sunlight the next morning.  Carol Davis, 6-19-2008

Tiny male and female mating. The pedipalps of the male inject the sperm into the female
organs (epigynum) on the underside of her abdomen.    Carol Davis 6-19-2008

mating cobweb weavers
Female "tied" to leaf after mating (her back color was washed-out by the camera flash). The funny little male
began stringing silk everywhere like he was enclosing the female in a semi-protective barrier. He was a spider
possessed! The female stayed in the same spot for about 24 hours. Carol Davis 6-19-2008

male webbing in the female
After the male got tired he kind of hung around for awhile doing acrobatics and then
just disappeared to leave the female by herself.  It was really fun to watch these two in
action. This is the shot that finally got these spiders ID'd to species. Carol Davis, 6-19-2008

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