Crab Spider  (three photos & video)
Genus Xysticus

female Xysticus crab spider
I saw the silk flying before I saw the spider perched on rabbitbrush
on Antelope Island. This little Xysticus was goin' to town.  © Carol Davis 11-9-2016

crab spider
Although this was November 9, it was warm and there were patches of green and yellow
still present on Antelope Island
and those oases were the best places, of course,
to find the spiders and insects.  © Carol Davis

threading the silk
It was shooting silk and directing it forward with its front legs. You can see
it, if you look closely, in this shaky video I've uploaded to Youtube.  The
 silk is feeding in a circle
out from the spinnerets.  © Carol Davis 11-9-2016

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