A Crab Spider Measuring an Acmaeodera Beetle -
for a Coffin, perhaps?
(two photos)

crab spider measuring a beetle
I watched this crab spider slowly work its way over to the wood-boring beetle and I thought for
sure at this point that the beetle was a goner. After measuring it from stem to stern, the spider
just waddled away from its potential meal. I guess with all the insects to choose from at this time
of year, the metallic wood-boring beetle was low on the grocery list. In the photo below, they
seem to have formed a truce.© Carol Davis 6-14-2015

passing the time of day
Maybe these two are shooting the breeze or just enjoying the view together on this beautiful day
in June at the Jordanelle Dam wetlands in Wasatch County, Utah. © Carol Davis 6-14-2015

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