The Crab Spider and the Narrow-winged Midget Moth
Thomisidae and Tarache augustipennis

moth and spider
When you see a moth hanging in mid air it's kind of an indication that something must be holding it. This crab
spider, hiding in the shadow of the sunflower leaves, nabbed just one of many of these Narrow-winged Midget
moths that I found on Antelope Island this day.  I used the flash to capture these photos.
© Carol Davis, 9-15-2010

crab spider holding moth
Because of the large number of these moths on sunflower, I'm assuming that this is their plant of choice
for egg-laying but I'm no expert.  The crab spiders were out in full force just waiting for a chance to nab
an unsuspecting insect like this moth. 
You can see he has sunk his fangs into its body.
© Carol Davis, 9-15-2010

crab spider and moth
These moths lay around on the sunflower leaves, either resting or getting ready to lay eggs.  This makes them an
easy target and also hard to photograph since they are on alert for spiders and other preying insects.  They really
are beautiful little moths with that rich brown color tinged with yellow and cream. 
© Carol Davis, 9-15-2010

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