The Crab Spider
and the
Unsuspecting Wasp
(three photos)

crab spider captures wasp
I spied this fairly large Crab Spider on some Common Yarrow on Antelope Island and
was getting my
camera ready to photograph when I noticed a black wasp coming towards
plant and in the back of my mind I was thinking "you'd better be careful, Mr. Wasp."
spider just reached up and snatched that wasp out of mid air. I was shocked
at the speed. This photo was right after the grab.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2017

crab spider on common yarrow
These large brown crab spiders look so cumbersome but they are very quick. They don't
even have to move their bodies, just those long arms.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2017

wasp and crab spider
I guess it's justice for spiders to eat wasps when there are so many wasps that prey
upon spiders.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2017.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2017

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