Crab Spider Camouflage  (four photos)

crab tree
Sometimes when spiders become scarce, I make it a point to try to find them and sometimes I surprise
myself when I find an especially well camouflaged one.  I spotted this one about six feet away from
me on Antelope Island - at least I was pretty sure there had to be one in there somewhere. The
area just had the look about it.  © Carol Davis 10-15-2015

crab spider watching
I zoomed in a little closer on this area and, sure enough, there was the Philodromus crab spider. I couldn't
get in any closer without spooking the spider, who was already aware of me, so I had to shoot from a
distance, but you can see it better below. © Carol Davis 10-15-2015

philodromus crab spider
This photo is closely cropped and obviously pixelated, but it shows the crab spider hiding amidst a bunch of
little branches that seemed to resemble crab spider legs. What a great place to hang out. © Carol Davis 10-15-2015

leggy crab spider
Now, if you take a look at the first photo, you can see just how well this spider chooses
its resting spots and possible molting areas.  Philodromus crab spiders are great hunters
and tolerate cold temperatures better than any spider I've seen. © Carol Davis 10-15-2015

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