Crab Spider with a Small-headed Fly (five photos)
Genus Mecaphesa and Turbopsebius diligens

a bug
I saw a small black insect squirming on this Common Yarrow and thought, hmmmm, there must be a spider in
there somewhere!
If you look closely, you can find a tiny, almost completely white crab spider holding on to her
 prey, which is
Turbopsebius diligens, a Small-headed Fly. 

crab spider with prey
This is the enlarged photo.  I've never seen a crab spider so perfectly matched with her flower or have I
ever seen a fly with a bowling-ball head.

crab spider
"Let's see, how can I carry this honking insect? It sure doesn't roll well."

white crab spider
"Maybe if I can get under it (ooof!) and lift with my knees..." See her eyes just popping over the top of the insect.

easy does it
"I think one leg on each end and walking with the other six will do the trick!"  The crab spider finally
managed to haul this insect over the edge and under the tiny flowers.  Maybe she thought I was too close for
comfort and might steal her food.  Found at North Arm of Pineview Reservoir Carol Davis, 8-2-2009

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