Crab Spider Throne  (two photos)
Rhysodromus histrio

running crab spider
I was looking at some small bushes at Bear River MBR hoping to find some insects when I caught
a glimpse of something hanging on a small catkin-like group of dead leaves. Sure enough, it was this
little crab
spider lounging on its throne waiting for a nice juicy bug to come by. We had something
in common in a search for insects. but I'll bet this spider found a lot more than I did.  Below is
a photo of the whole ingenious setup. © Carol Davis 7-19-2019

philodromus histrio
This is what it looked like from about six inches away. The whole leaf bunch was probably
only about 1 ½ inches long so you can see it was a pretty small crab spider.
Rhysodromus histrio
are known as "running crab spiders" but most of the time you will see them perched on flowers;
after all, it is easier to let the prey come to you.  © Carol Davis 7-19-2015

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