Hanging Crab Spider with a Carpenter Ant in its Grasp
Genus Xysticus

dangling crab spider with carpenter ant
I was sitting in my lounge chair outside on my deck when I spotted something dangling from the eaves
of my house and it had a weird shape for a spider. I bounded over there and saw that it was a crab spider with
prey. I went in the house, grabbed a camera and took a bunch of shots (with a flash because it was cloudy).
It isn't often I find crab spiders hanging from a web and it is even less often that I find them with prey,
much less an ant (which I think is a carpenter ant). It swung and spun in the breeze as I fought to get a good
picture.  I then took a hold of the web and brought the spider over to the table where started taking
more pictures. 
© Carol Davis 4-15-4014, Taylorsville, Utah

bark crab spider
It wasn't easy getting any kind of picture now because the spider was running lickety-split with
the ant in its grasp trying to find a place to hide. It finally ducked into a crack between the
slats of wood.  I have so many of these ants around my place, I'm going to need a lot more crab
spiders.  Anyway, my job was done so I left the spider to dine alone.  © Carol Davis 4-15-2014

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