"A Crabby Day in the Old USA"
Various crab spiders on a late
May day on Antelope Island, Utah

Elegant crab spider
With the exception of one tiny Habronattus jumping spider,
 crab spiders
were the only arachnids I found on Antelope Island
 on this late May
day. One Elegant Crab Spider (Xysticus elegans) was
 pretending to be a blossom
on a dead stick.  
© Carol Davis 5-30-2019

crab spider hiding
He was a tricky one to photograph, as he kept twirling around
on the stick to avoid the camera. © Carol Davis 5-30-2019

I found this Xysticus species of crab spider had
already caught himself a wasp or bee (neither of
which I was able to find alive anywhere to
photograph). © Carol Davis 5-30-2019

slender crab spider
I was lucky to spot this Slender Crab Spider on a
 wall on the island.  He was a little high up to get a
very good shot.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2019

Elegrant crab spider on a
On another part of the island was another Elegant Crab
Spider and I was able to get a better shot of the eyes. This
little guy was not quite as "elegant" in color as the first
one, but was very cute.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2019

habronattus baby
And this itty-bitty Habronattus jumper had to go back into
 hiding because it didn't know it was Crab Spider Day on
Antelope Island USA.  © Carol Davis 5-30-2019

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