Crevice Weaver Web  (four photos)
Male & Female
Family Filistatidae

Genus Kukulcania

 Kukulcania female spider 
Nicky Davis let me take this picture of her female Kukulcania utahana that she and some others
 found at Eagle Mountain, Utah on August 21, 2016. Below is a side shot. Carol Davis 9-8-2016

crevice weaver spider
Carol Davis 9-8-2016

The male Crevice Weaver, shown below, is often mistaken for the Desert Recluse or Brown
Recluse because of its color.
The University of Florida has the best description I've found
on the differences between Kukulcania and the Desert Recluse.

male Kukulcania
Pam Wheeler found this male Crevice Weaver in Hurricane, Utah (and sees them quite
 often). Unlike
the Brown Recluse, this spider does not have the violin shape on the

and it has long pedipalps. Pedipalps are the two appendages in the very
 front that
look like short legs.  Kukulcania can help control black widows (as in
 this photo by Lynette Schimming on Bugguide.  Pam Wheeler 6-8-2013

crevice weaver
I found this female Crevice Weaver (probably Kukulcania hibernalis - Southern House
 Spider) in my brother's home in St. George, Utah, hiding in between the carpet and the wall.
The bricks on the outside of his house have many of the familiar crevice webs of these spiders.
 Female Kukulcania are usually grey or black with some brown, but still have the long pedipalps
 (that you can see in this photo just below the eyes).   Pedipalps are not the fangs - the fangs are
hidden out of sight in this picture (below the pedipalps).  Carol Davis 10-18-2008
The next page shows the webs of the crevice weaver in St. George. They are quite unique.

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