Crevice Weaver Web
Family Filistatidae

Genus Kukulcania

crevice weaver web
I found these strange webs all over the outside of my brother's house in St. George, Utah.  They were all the
exact design and I had never seen any like it before.  I knew it had to be a species unknown to me.  I finally
found out on what it was.  This is the web of the Crevice Weaver.  These are not like the funnel
weaver webs we find around our houses all the time.  This one is flat against the wall and then leads to a hole
 in the crack of a building.  Very unique.  I tried to find the spider but I think they must only come out at night. 
I tried to convince my brother and his wife that those spiders kept the bad insects out of their house, but about
a month ago they destroyed all the webs and they did find some icky insects that the spiders had
killed along with some good ones (mantids).  Carol Davis, 6-12-2009

crevice web spider web
These webs have a unique anchoring system.. The strands come out singly and anchor to the wall almost
like a doily pattern.  Very cool.  This picture is kind of blurry but it shows a great web that comes together
connecting three separate walls. Good news about my brother's crevice weavers. After they blew out all
the webs with the hose, the crevice weavers rebuilt their webs.  In fact, my sister-in-law stepped outside
her door  one night to see a crevice weaver come flying out of its hiding place, nab a moth and
go running back down the hole with it.  Cool.  I have only found one of these webs in Northern Utah (at
the Jordanelle wetlands in Wasatch County.  You can see the male and female Kukulcania here.
Carol Davis, 6-12-2009

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