Cross Orb Weaver  (four photos)
Araneus diadematus

cross orb weaver
Spider!!! This bug-eyed owl on my water fountain appears to be freaking out at a Cross Orb Weaver that
just happened to spin her web right in front of the thing. The beautiful orb took up a fourth of the 12 x 12 deck. 
Since it sat so low I knew the web wouldn't make it long because my cat's
tail would catch it sooner or later and
 it would be history (the web, not the tail). © Carol Davis 8-5-2015

Araneus diadematus in Taylorsville, Utah
I was right and in about an hour the web was broken and in another hour the wind had whipped up and taken
 it completely away.  Later on that day when the wind had calmed, I went to
walk down the steps to my lawn
and luckily just happened to see the spider in the center of her web
stretched low between the two railings of the
stairs. I took some pictures and was going to move the spider to
another location when I noticed she had caught a
 little bug so I let the web stay for a few hours. Later on I moved the spider to the middle of my lilac hoping she
would make a web inside because there was a nice open space. Well, that didn't work.
© Carol Davis 8-5-2015

spider made a web across the stairs
The next morning she had made another web across my stairs only
she had learned something from the day before and the web was
much higher, thus avoiding the cat's tail, at least. She had also
captured breakfast (below).

cross orb weaver with prey
She had wrapped up a bug (isn't that cute - a little mummy!)  Again, I let her stay for a while but
I moved the spider to the garden.  I haven't seen her since but I hope she's happy and
didn't get eaten by something.  If I lived alone, that web would still be stretched
between the railings.  © Carol Davis 8-5-2015

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