Cross Orb Weaver Babies
Araneus diadematus

They made it!

cross spider babies
These little babies are the offspring of this mother Cross Orb Weaver that I acquired from my niece
 last fall.  I put the little glass jar, in which momma had placed her egg sac, inside my
shed for the winter and
when spring came I placed it outside. I have had to put it back inside
when it snowed and the temperature
dropped (quite a few times) but now the babies are hatching
like crazy and they are building little webs all
 over the inside of the jar.  I have to keep covering them this week since we've had sporadic thunderstorms -
3/4 inch of rain the other day and more coming today.  I hope some of little squirts (no pun intended) make
it to maturity and find a good home, if they don't stay at  my house. Anyway, they're very cute. Maybe I'll
have some updates on their progress. © Carol Davis 5-8-2015

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