Daddy Long-legs aka "Harvestmen"
Order Harvestmen
Species Phalangium opilio

Harvestman, or Daddy Long-legs, in Taylorsville, Utah.  These members of the Arachnid class of Arthropods are not
 spiders, although we think of them as such.  They don't have silk glands so they don't spin webs and most have two eyes
with some cave-dwelling species having no eyes (here's a good article about Harvestmen).  © Carol Davis, 9-13-2--0

All of us have played with Opiliones since they are not dangerous and do not bite.  This particular species is invasive
to the US but is prevalent over most of the globe in the Northern geographic regions (according to 
They'll eat just about anything that moves and is small enough to eat.  They are often confused with the even
longer-legged  Cellar Spider that people find hanging from webs in basements.  © Carol Davis, 9-13-2009

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