Dark Red Ghaphosid -   (two photos)
Ground Spiders, Part IV
Family Gnaposidae

dark ground spider
This little Ground Spider was trying to hide ANYWHERE
away from me. It was pretty scared. I managed to get it
to hold still long enough for this picture; then, I took
it into the great outdoors.  Carol Davis 7-3-2020

ground spider saved from spider trap
I saved this spider from a sticky spider trap in Taylorsville, Utah by
 helping it to get its legs free and I succeeded with no loss of
limbs for her or me.  I never came close enough to the spider to get
 bitten.  I think this is a beautiful spider and in the trap it looked
black but when I used a flash to take this photo, it definitely
showed a reddish cast.   Gnaphosids are extremely fast runners. 
Carol Davis, 5-28-2009 Taylorsville, Utah

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